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What We Do
Technologies Solutions Group (TSG) is a privately held company with a targeted, diversified, strategic portfolio revolving around supply chain/work-flow automation products. In 2010, Technologies Solutions Group began development and production on three proprietary risk management devices and operating suite workflow software targeting the needs of the healthcare industry.

With a dedication to the healthcare industry, TSG has worked hard to bring these products to the market in a difficult economy. Through aggressive pre-marketing efforts, TSG's medical products are positioned well to maximize market penetration.       

Technologies Solutions Group is an industry leading business, leveraging the following core competencies:
  • Hardware/Software Workflow Management
  • Hardware/Software Supply Chain Management
  • Supply chain, Workflow, and Logistical Consulting
  • Hardware/Software Services and Support
  • Hand Hygiene Verification Systems and Consulting
  • Healthcare Workflow Management Systems and Consulting
  • RFID System Rescue and Repair
  • RFID Hardware/Software Services
  • Discontinued Supply Chain Hardware Support
  • Custom Barcode and UID Label Development
  • Hardware/Software Warehouse Management
  • IT Services 
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  1. Products
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  2. Unique Solutions
    Unless you live under a rock, you‘ll notice there have been a few changes that, as little as four years ago, no one would have imagined. A new administration will be taking office in January and, although it’s inevitable that the Trump administration will make mistakes, ...
  3. Consumables
    If you read the paper and watch the news you’ll see the economy has made strides to the point where the FED feels confident to raise interest rates .25% from the 0% they have been carrying the last 9 years. Although not a bold move it shows things are improving.
  4. Healthcare
    Technology Solutions Group works with many hospitals nationwide designing and building efficient solutions. TSG healthcare risk management solutions include Sani-Track, Sponge-Track, and OR-Track.
  5. RFID
    A year of uncertainty accurately describes 2013. The Affordable Care Act, Sequestration, and debt ceiling negotiations plague not only healthcare but the economy at large. Readmission penalties, falling CMS reimbursement rates, and across the board budget cuts have made propagating new products challenging to say the least.
  6. Resources
    Healthcare and the liability that accompanies it has always been a huge issue and its customary for hospitals to spend millions to insure to protect their interests.